Shaughnelene Smith

My interest in neuroscience began after first year when I volunteered at Dr. Snyder’s Neuroscience Lab at UBC where we studied neurogenesis in the hippocampus of rats. During this time, I had very limited exposure to the field of neuroscience, but as the years have progressed, I have I tried to tailor my schedule to take on as many relatable courses as possible. This year, I am thankful to have the opportunity to be a directed lab student under the supervision of Dr. Poppenk. My research entails using data from The Human Connectome Project to study neuroanatomical differences in the human hippocampus and analyzing how these differences relate to memory processes. When I am not in the lab dissecting through hundreds of MRI scans, you can usually find me doing photography, volunteering at the Queen’s Gender and Sexuality Lab, or binge watching Netflix with my housemates.