Mary Hoekstra

Over the past year, the POPMEM lab has developed new tools for administering and analyzing psychology experiments. This exciting software has the potential to serve not only the future graduate students in the lab, but the broader science community. In order for this code to have an international impact, it must be rigorously tested, thoroughly documented, and presented to potential users in an appealing way. That’s my job.  

I am an undergraduate student in Biomedical Computing with a keen interest in psychology and neuroscience. During my time in the POPMEM lab, I will be working with Dr. Poppenk to improve the data analytics toolbox, create an API, and generate new user demos. Using my experiences as a programming mentor for youth, I will be working with users to identify common errors and make the code easier to understand.

When I’m not staring at computer screens, I spend my time singing Beatles songs to hospital patients, going for long runs, and eating some sort of lentil stir-fry.