Carolin Brockhaus

"How does our memory work? Is it the parallel existence of verbatim and gist traces (Reyna & Brainerd 2011), deep and shallow processing (Craik & Lockhart, 1972), or perhaps the differential spread of information (Roediger, Bolata & Watson, 2001) that defines what and when we remember and why sometimes we get fooled by our otherwise so impressive memory system? During my stay as an international project student in the PopMem Lab, I attempt to identify compatible and non-compatible approaches to memory in existing theories to ultimately aim at a theoretical construct that is supported by and can be tested on the basis of several, previously seen as distinct, theories.

As a huge travel-enthusiast, the fact that my bachelor in Psychology brought me from Germany to the Netherlands and from there further to Canada is just one of the many satisfying experiences I associate with my studies. In my opinion, there are very few things more satisfying than experiencing foreign cultures and mastering the challenges such an experience has to offer, both personally and academically. I entered my first research experience in the course of the Honours College at my home University (University of Groningen) with a project on embodied cognition which involved investigations of the relationship of learning with the underlying temporal structure of performance. As I am now in the last year of my bachelor, I am currently thinking about potential topics for my thesis as well as future directions in terms of Master applications. Being a project student in the PopMem lab greatly helps me further exploring my interests and finding the path I want to follow among the numerous opportunities psychology has to offer."